the sun never shines in your vacant eyes
white ppl need 2 stop

white ppl need 2 stop


what if one day for 24 hours everyone with a tumblr turned into whatever their url is 

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gosh I’m so fucking mad. I just got home right now and my aunt took my wet clothes out of the washer and threw them on the floor so she could wash !!!!

like I’m really fucking pissed off, no one in this house is patient about washing clothes and I literally never get the chance to finish washing because someone’s like ~I NEED 2 WAS CLOTHES PLZ LEAVE~

gonna try to make a short film to win like $70,000 worth of equipment

I think I have a really good chance because I already reviewed some of the films that are already entered and lemme tell you

it’s just a bunch of vanilla ass bull shit stories about white people with problems


is it a good show or is it just dark and gritty with a high production salary and middle age white dudes?-a question y’all need to ask yourself

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these pix of me only look good at a distance

these pix of me only look good at a distance

salma hayek will always be my bod goals

I mean this is pretty much me if I get lean again

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